A Message to TLC's Little Elves

The annoying incessant thoughts that creep into our mind every once in awhile would be: “Why is this so hard? Do i really have to do all these revision? Revision is tiring. Subjects are difficult and i’m getting tired. My brain is drying up…”

Well…when will we finally get to love the subjects we take? It’s a simple cycle kids! When we see our own achievements, outstanding improvements, who’s gonna be the happiest? You or your parents? Or perhaps you haven’t experienced that level of satisfaction and exhilaration because you haven’t seen the best of yourself.

So work hard, not just for the people who pressure you into scoring high grades, but most importantly, for yourself, when your future becomes at your fingertips because you have all the right to choose what you want to be or do when you perform so well now.

Remember kids, you are at the age with the best opportunity to learn. Take the opportunity while you’re still young. There’s no need to push yourself too hard but there’s also no reason to slacken off too much. Take up the fair ride of work and play and studies will no longer seem daunting like it used to. Try it for a change in your life…and probably forever. 😜

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