Topics Covered: English, Mathematics, Science, Creative Writing

Our primary programmes focus on a few levels, starting with the building of a solid foundation.  This is achieved through a wide range of highly purposeful methods and techniques.  Our structured materials provide further clarity and enhancement.  When mastered and applied closely and diligently, TLC methods and techniques are extremely effective in achieving academic progression and excellence.

Programme Schedule (PDF)

Emergent Level: Primary 1 and 2

This English and Math Programmes Cover:

  • Grammar – Foundation Stage: Learn basic grammar rules. Build a solid foundation and develop accuracy in English usage.
  • Vocabulary – Exposure to wide range of words
  • Comprehension – Learn answering techniques
  • Mathematics – Systematic teaching of concepts
  • Practice materials that target challenging exam-based questions
  • Memory stimulant games, word games and quizzes

Higher Level Learning: Primary 3 and 4

This English and Math Programmes Cover:

  • GrammarIntermediate Stage: Master advanced grammar rules. Reinforce foundation
  • Vocabulary – Essential word lists, Memory enhancement methods to boost language proficiency
  • Comprehension – Reinforce answering techniques, Learn passage/question/information Analysis
  • Mathematics – Master model drawing techniques, Killer topics drilling
    Cognitive Stimulant Games

Exam Oriented Learning: Primary 5 and 6

This English and Math Programmes Cover:

  • GrammarAdvanced Stage: In-Depth Application
  • Vocabulary – Extensive range of words, Memory enhancement methods
  • Scope of lesson is maximized to perfect knowledge, skills and techiques
  • Content pegged to current affairs
  • Comprehension – Reinforce answering techniques, Master and perfect passage/question/information Analysis
  • Mathematics – Problem-Solving Techniques
  • Complex questions and concepts simplified to ensure understanding
  • Master systematic yet unconventional methods to attain maximum accuracy in answers

Science: Primary 3 to 6

  • Linking of scientific concepts to everyday life phenomena to evoke understanding and interest in topics learnt
  • Topic by topic teaching and revision in accordance with MOE syllabus
  • In-house developed topic summaries and mind maps to ease understanding
  • Extensive practice-oriented teaching
  • Focus on question analysis, process skills and open-ended answering techniques
  • Regular mini tests for each topic to gauge students’ understanding and clarify conceptual misunderstandings

Creative Writing: Primary 2 to 6

Imagine leaving your child, a complete novice, with a pantry of expensive ingredients, fancy kitchen equipment, a recipe book filled with dazzling pictures and telling them, “Now, cook!” What an insurmountable task, you would say? Unfortunately, this is the “formula” adopted by many enrichment centres.

Creative writing is not about giving children impressive looking lists of bombastic words and phrases. Nor is it about getting them to memorise “modal” compositions. Doing so simply snuffs out any remaining interest your child may have in writing.

Composition writing can be a scary, daunting task for many children. Especially for those uninitiated ones who have not been guided purposefully.

Our program is highly structured. Through a systematic process of specialised techniques and methods, we teach the essential steps of story writing. Creativity and fun are equally important elements in our classrooms. While engaged in learning, we have tons of fun and laughter! Seriously, tons of it.

Highlights of our program include:

Content Development

  • Stimulate imagination and encourage creativity through brain-storming, video-clips, higher order thinking and critical thinking strategies.
  • Tools to construct unusual plot twists and develop story lines.
  • Themes are pegged to current affairs and general knowledge. Apply freshly gained knowledge to add value and depth to story lines.

Language Expression

  • Learn animated words, phrases, proverbs, word substitution in context.
  • Effectively craft openings and endings.
  • Master essential scenario description and gripping climax buildup.
  • Re-enactment / role play of scenes through our unique “Lights, Camera, Action!” sequence.

Primary Programme Schedule (PDF)